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Inbjudan till kreativ workshop med Roma Tearne, 27 och 28 mars i Stockholm. Memories and Migration

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Over 5,000 want to adopt children

Nadira Gunatilleke

There are about 5,000 Sri Lankan couples and 600 foreign couples in
the waiting list to adopt Sri Lankan children. Annually around 1,000
children are for adopted by locals and about 50 children are adopted
by foreigners, Probation and Child Care Services Commissioner Sarath
Abeygunasekara told the Daily News.

Abeygunasekara said that usually the children below the age of five
who had been rejected by parents and abandoned are given for adoption.

The demand is very high but there are no adequate children to be given
for adoption.

Majority of the local couples consider many facts when adopting a
child such as skin colour, race, background etc and this is one reason
that they have to wait in the waiting list for a long time to adopt a

But foreign couples do not consider such facts when adopting a child.

According to Abeygunasekara when local children are adopted by foreign
couples, the department obtains a full report from a relevant
institution of that country.

This report includes the medical history of the couple, social,
financial, education details and all the other relevant details. Only
after considering the report the couples are allowed to adopt the

Lack of awareness in the society on this topic leads to various crimes
such as abducting children for adoption and selling children to
couples for financial gains.

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